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    Talk to the monks on the southwest dock to travel to Entrana (you won't be charged any gp for the trip).After you arrive on Entrana, run east and then north past the temple, then west after you cross the bridge.You will find a Cave Monk standing by a ladder. Go down the ladder to enter a cave full of zombies. Your prayer will be drained when you enter the cave.Kill the zombies with your bare manly hands until one drops a bronze axe for you.

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    Often the lurer will lie about what the item actually does, thereby exploiting the item's unknown status.Clockwork cat another uncommon item that requires 85 crafting to construct. It acts just as an ordinary pet does in that it can follow players around. Used in conjunction with drop based scams to exploit areas and instances where followers/pets are not permitted.Teleport tabs a very common item used to teleport to other locations.

    with the real world. This can be seen, for example, in Second Life 's recognition of intellectual property rights for assets created "in world" by subscribers, and its laissez faire policy on the buying and selling of Linden Dollars the world's official currency for real money on third party websites. Virtual property is a label that can refer to any resource that is controlled by the powers that be, including virtual objects, avatarsor user accounts.

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