MapleStory 2 to Hit Launch Day with all the Runeblade & a New Z

  • When MapleStory 2 launches on October 10th, players will employ a new class as well as a new zone to think about. The Runeblade class offers players a way to get both a robust melee character with strong weapon runes to improve MapleStory 2 Gold combat. Players can trot out that new Runeblade on Karkar Island, "a gorgeous resort island" that, despite its bucolic setting, is infested with "swarms of insects, undead monstrosities, vile devils and ... belligerent gaming consoles".

    Other special activities for launch include:

        sales and events with items for instance the Style Crate, a "vast number of cosmetic items starting from clothing to wings to jewelry to weapon skins"
        Mapleopoly - a small time event where players can spend Maple Coins to earn "consumable items or toys"

    Players can register approximately October 8th to earn a Rustic Mushcabin Name Tag badge, the Ducky Rickshaw mount as well as the Roosting Seagull hat.

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