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  • "Runescape" After the first test players have carefully Nanluoguxiang suspected antiquity architectural scene modeled in the game, the game true to Nanluoguxiang antiquity architectural style, the old Beijing Hutong courtyard most folk customs and culture into cultural symbols game, allowing the player to feel as if a kind of immersive. But the  buy RS gold  message is not currently get a response "Runescape" project.But insiders said, to portray the most gorgeous 2D games screen, "Runescape" has taken great pains on the screen.Of course, for a game, the screen is an extremely important part of the picture quality produced good or bad, to a large extent represents the quality of the game. Beautiful scene, which will make players more of a feeling of being there, as the reality of the game in general scenery, players will feel more substitution.For more Runescape and Runescap Gold from task strategy RuneScape II - MMORS.COM
    If you want to earn Runescape gold, you'd better stay here, because this is the most convenient place to buy runescape, you can quickly upgrade here earn more difficult to go out later. Perseverance simply good practice here.If we want to leave as soon as the training off, do not want to continue to train hard in the basement, follow me! Follow the arrows indicate, to the side of a iron gate, open access, and a warrior holding a sword and shield conversation. After the conversation is done, you have something flicker control interface, which is where you equip weapons. The equipment, you just create the dagger (dagger), and warriors speak again. He will give you a bronze sword (bronze sword) and wood shield (wooden shield), click on them, you're on the equipment. This time you battle interface flashes (two crossed swords icon), when clicked, to see the four options, followed by: stab (stab), Lunge (sprint), slash (hacking), block (defensive back), The first exercise attack (Attack), the second and third practice strength (strength), the fourth practice defense. Exercise attack is to enhance the accuracy of your attack strength exercises is to enhance your ceiling attack, so killing the enemy to attack the blood increase the ceiling every time, there are many other people do not practice, specializing in practice this. Exercise makes you raise the defense against the enemy defensive success rate and lower blood injury limit. You want to see the data in this area, click on the next button to see the attack.Learn over function, according to the position indicated by the arrow to open the door, entered the cage, mouse click on the arrow indicated, so that you begin to kill the mice. If you are bleeding too much, you can click before you make bread or grilled shrimp, they are added to the blood. 4 blood bread, grilled shrimp plus 3. After killing the mice, the ground has a bone to pick it up. Right-click on the bones, select the first option to bury the bones, so you can practice the priest (Prayer) skills. Priest skills so that you can temporarily increase your attack and defense and other skills.If you want to learn more related content or want to buy Runescap Gold from to get Alchemist’s Amulet in Runescape - MMORS.COM
    Open the treasure hunters in the chest, one of you can grasp new alchemist charms!Took up the treasure hunter's new pieces, once you have collected 10 you can combine them into an alchemist's talisman. Once combine them, you will receive a straight cash in your pocket - and then you can use amulet another heap gold every day!But that's not all - before you also have the opportunity to win former talisman is available. Combined with old amulets with new, you create an updated version of the promotion process, including all the amulet benefits: 20, an high fees, exchange the teleport options and the  cheap RS gold   bag of cash every day!Do you feel lucky? Each use charms, let your daily cash bag, do you have a talisman to grant you 1 million gold, not a chance!All regular account for at least one key every day, and in RuneScape members get two! You can earn more by game - only need to access the wiki to find out how to, and learn more about the treasure hunter itself.To our checkout page, buy more keys, in the game to redeem bonds, or directly click "buy key" when you're a treasure hunter.For more Runescape News and cheap Runescape Gold from competition play runescape - MMORS.COM