Single-horned Drake

  • Although the two-handed dinosaurs are similar to bat's wings, they can be incapable dragon-type Digimon Masters Tera . They are crazy characters and they also are very attached to beasts. "Single-winged Drake" possesses nirvana for example "crushing bite" and "inverted strike". After being trained by players, it gradually evolves into "Demonstration Dungeon" and "Electronic Drake"... and also other mighty digital beasts.
    The "wild beast," which carries huge, powerful sticks, carries a stylish hairstyle. Although he incorporates a smart mind, they are naturally courageous and will not dare to do something alone. He always hides from the shade with the forest and waits to address his opponent. But when encountering a rival that cannot be defeated, all wild beasts will falter and escape wherever possible. It is really a very smart digital beast. After being trained by players, "Wild Beast" will gradually evolve into stronger Digimon Masters Currency for example "Oga Beast" and "Mummy Beast".