Now Might Be A Good Time To Check Out The Digimon Masters MMO

  • Digimon Masters is a free of charge-to-play Digimon Masters Tera MMO for PC that's supported by micro-transactions. The game is published by Joymax, and is running successfully for just a little over couple of years now. This week, Joymax kicked a number of new events off inside game to encourage new players to go in.

    The first will be the “Welcoming Digital World’s Festival” event. This is meant to obtain players flying insects Digimon Masters with their friends. From now until May 27th, should you bring a pal into the overall game, you’ll get in-game bonuses with regards to the level they reach. These are outlined from the table above.

    Additionally, new tamers that enter the experience will have items catered specifically toward them on the in-game DatsCenter, that they can avail by achieving certain goals from the DMO Gold game. For example, reaching level 11 will grant you 10x Regular Megaphone, 1x Red Sports Sneakers (7 Days) and 1x Blue Power Gloves (7 Days).