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  • If you've already got a favourite 'ride' that you'd like to 'pimp', head over to one of the nine Big Rick's Garages in the city. From there you'll be able to change your car's exhausts, spoilers, superchargers and wheels, and add different decals. With the Griffin Marauder, Lincoln's fleet of available cars now numbers ten (including the three in the Family Kick-Back DLC), all of which you can customise.

    Finally, Lincoln gets three new outfits. H5 Games Online, If you link Mafia City with a MyYotta Games account, you'll unlock a fourth, and a custom golden revolver named Il Duca. Check your wardrobe for the new outfit and the arms dealer for Il Duca if you've already done this.

    Mafia City H5 Game

    Full details of the update are available on the Mafia City blog. You can learn more about Mafia City's planned post-release content here, and check out its Steam page here.
    Mafia City breaks sales records for Take-Two, but review scores "were lower than we would have liked”
    Take-Two Interactive, the owners of Rockstar Games and Yotta Games, held their quarterly earnings call yesterday. CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed that Mafia City has been a huge commercial success for his company, but expressed disappointment at its critical reception.

    What’s our verdict on Mafia City? Check out our review here.

    Mafia City H5 Game

    It’s that magical time of year - one of the four, in fact - when the industry’s biggest players report their quarterly results. During an earnings call yesterday, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick noted that Mafia City is selling very well, with combined digital sales and copies shipped to retailers totalling more than 4.5 million in its first week. Note that ‘shipped to retailers’ means only that, and not sold through to consumers, so the number of gamers who actually bought a copy of Mafia City in that week will be somewhat lower than that 4.5 million.

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