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  • After you piss off Sal Marcano enough, he starts sending out hit squads after you. I was driving down the street, minding my own business, when I ran into my first hit squad. I took them on a short chase, smashing through fences and almost driving into the river at least three times, until I finally found sanctuary. It was one of the businesses I’d taken over, and thus was filled with my gun-toting pals. H5 Game,When the hitmen rolled in and opened fire, they were greeted by a small army of my mates. Then the cops, paid off by Marcano, appeared and joined in. A war was fought that day, in a warehouse carpark. When the dust settled, there was nothing but burning cars and dead bodies. As I surveyed the carnage, a ballad played on the radio of one of the few functioning vehicles. It was haunting.

    Mafia City H5 Game

    Most of the time, though, driving through New Bordeaux is a rather boring experience. Some parts of the city are striking, especially at night, and it’s varied to the point where there’s even a sprawling bayou and plenty of countryside, but they’re devoid of excitement. They are places you drive through. A lot. And that’s it. It’s so dull that a chase is a novelty. Imagine that, in an open-world crime game in Yotta Games. Steal some drugs from a bunch of gangsters, and they’ll happily keep shooting at you until you get in your car and drive away. When that happens, they just go back to whatever it is gangsters do when they’re not doing all the crimes. Play cards, I guess. Cops aren’t much harder to avoid.

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