How MapleStory 2 Came To The West, Modernized An Old MMORPG, An

  • There a multitude of free-to-play games in existence now, as well as the genre has evolved drastically since MapleStory 1. What type of modernizations maybe you have incorporated into MapleStory 2?

    Lee: Well, it's 3D, some UGC [user-generated content] features, and we haven't used to Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos make a game sandbox, but we all do have similar form of content incorporated into the experience. So, Design Lab, which we announced during our MapleStory Premiere Event, there's similar to Roblox. So, we have been trying to help content creators craft his or her MapleStory experience using each of the game assets. That's a small part of it, and housing is something comparable to, I'd say Minecraft, if you'd prefer building stuff.

    We possess a bunch of templates and you can design your own vanity clothing, including the car mounts so you can build your own car designs. Also, we now have instruments, twenty-plus several types of instruments in the action, used to generate your music. You can actually play as being a band. There's a concert hall to play with your pals. They do their unique competitions. So, those are common kinds of social and even more modern trends like Roblox, like Minecraft, those games. Those are form of MapleStory 2 Mesos incorporated in a very MapleStory way.