'MapleStory' Content Update to Add Time Portal and Shopping Mal

  • Kerning City’s soon being added Kerning Square shopping mall are going to be the tallest and largest in Maple World.  Like real life shopping malls, the mall will feature cafes, clothing stores, gift shops or anything else.  Players will venture from the impressive mall since they take around the quests prompting them for more information on Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos this area.  Players could also enter a fresh dungeon where mall items stand out.

    Launched on May 11, 2005, MapleStory became a legend in flash games with its amazing social features, rich art style and open world opportunities. Players have flocked to MapleStory with well over 92 million worldwide users and also over six million users in North America.

    Maplers have traveled over the many lands of the overall game’s vast world, along with unleashed the experience’s traits of individuality and freedom beyond its game borders. Players have turned MapleStory into MapleStory 2 Mesos an internet based video mainstay through blogs, community fan sites and fan videos. Over 200,000 videos can be obtained by searching MapleStory at YouTube.