RuneScape Ernest The Chicken Guide 3

  • Now in case you remember, you’ll have been exposed to a room which has a skeleton locked inside of a cell. Unfortunately for you personally, that’s the place that the rubber tube is. Unlock the entranceway and either fight the skeleton or dodge and grab the tube prior to Buy RS Gold your escape.

    Now, that's where it gets tricky. Go to your ground floor, and head west. You’ll locate a room using a bookcase, which you'll want to search. Once searched, you’ll gain access to some secret room that has a ladder inside. Head down and you’ll see multiple levers, in addition to multiple doors. Through the entrance straight ahead, you’ll start to RS Mobile Gold see the oil can.

    Read these instructions from your RuneScape Wiki for more details.Once you’ve got the oil can, head to Professor Oddstein and offer yourself a clap about the back. The quest ends.