RuneScape 3 drops Java for HTML5

  • Jagex, the developers with the infamous web-browser MMORPG RuneScape, has decided it’s time for you to put Java away and welcome in HTML5. The game developer knew that in order for that next sequel of RuneScape, RuneScape 3, to be a success, it had to transition into a fresh engine. It considered Adobe Flash, but Flash didn’t enough capability to run the action, and it also thought of Microsoft Silverlight, but Silverlight is restricted only to Buy RS Gold Internet Explorer.

    The only other selection for Jagex to select was HTML5. While HTML5 is deemed “unready” by many developers, Jagex viewed becoming the only viable choice to launch their next biggest game. According to Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard, “there were very difficult answers”, and HTML5 started look increasingly more appealing. Gerhard understands that HTML5 isn’t ready yet, which early adopters of RuneScape 3 might be affected, but as the sport’s developers worked a growing number of with HTML5, they started grow keen on RuneScape Gold for sale it.