The new Hot Wheels DLC

  • The new Hot Wheels DLC is accessible in Rocket League Items Rocket League starting on Sept. 24 on all platforms.

    So what do you think? Are you aflame to play with new Hot Wheels cars in Rocket League? Are you added searching advanced to the diecast Rocket League Hot Wheels cars? Let us apperceive your thoughts in the comments area below.

    Psyonix has just appear the account superior bead ante for Rocket League's crate system, accouterment some accuracy to players afore the Rocket Pass hits afterwards this summer.

    It's important to agenda that these ante aren't a change, they've just been fabricated accessible by Psyonix for the aboriginal time. The bead ante accept remained constant back the crate arrangement was alien in 2016.

    But area do these bead ante assemblage up adjoin added boodle box systems? Some players accept complained that the Rocket League bead ante assume badly stingy, so I've arrested out the bead ante appear by few added amateur for Rocket League Trading comparison. Accumulate in mind, of course, that every game's bead arrangement is different, so there isn't a absolute 1:1 comparison.