Rocket League cross platform accompany

  • The Rocket League playlists will chase suit, alternating amid both styles throughout the year. In accession to Rocket League Items that, new in-game Monstercat-themed Flags will be added alongside the barrage of anniversary playlist.


    More advice such as featured tracks, artists, and playlist availability will be arise in the advancing weeks.The absolution of RocketID, Rocket League's cross-platform accompany and affair mechanic, has been delayed. Afterwards it was arise beforehand this year, the new affection was accustomed a September absolution date.


    In the Summer Roadmap update, developer Psyonix declared RocketID is about complete, and they are "making abiding that it lives up to our standards and yours." However, in a contempo progression amend post, the developer arise that RocketID has been delayed.


    While Rocket League already appearance cross-platform play, it does not cover the adeptness to affair up with accompany on added platforms. With the new RocketID feature, players will accept the adeptness to add accompany from added platforms and appoint in online play together. Unfortunately, the absolution of RocketID has been delayed and there is no acknowledgment of a absolution date.


    "We wish to ensure that RocketID is operating flawlessly on all platforms afore its release, and this added time will ensure that you'll be amphitheatre and partying up with accompany on altered platforms with ease," states Psyonix.


    About two weeks ago, the Progression Update, which overhauled Rocket League's absolute XP system, was deployed. Following the absolution of the update, players faced abundant bugs and issues, and Psyonix was affected to Rocket League Trading arrange two hotfixes.


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