It adeptness not be a acceptable scam

  • You should never yield a ride from a stranger—especially if it's in DayZ and there's aught acumen why that being shouldn't breach your legs and leave you for runescape gold dead.


    It adeptness not be a acceptable scam, but FixTheBloodyGame (let's alarm him Fix) has a adventure so barbarous that it's alone fabricated worse by the actuality that they got annihilation out of it.


    "Back if DayZ was an Arma 2 mod, myself and two accompany had become absolutely geared, had a helicopter, and basically hit the endgame after abundant abroad to do," they explain. "What we concluded up accomplishing was alms lifts about the map application our helicopter and alignment this via ancillary chat. Needless to say, we had some ambiguous motives."


    They stumbled aloft a freshly-spawned amateur aggravating to get beyond the map so he could aggregation up with his friend. "We met up in Electro, got him to bead all his accessory and loaded him into the chopper and set off aerial northeast.


    After 3 account of flying, he got actual abashed and asked area we were heading. 'Just a quick stop at our base,' we said."


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