Players can aswell acquire Aureate Pumpkins

  • In addition, the Haunted Hallows accident will be authoritative its acknowledgment starting October 15th. Players will acquire Bonbon Blah for accommodating in Rocket League Items online matches that can be adored for "new 'Limited' Decals, Toppers, Wheels, and more".


    Players can aswell acquire Aureate Pumpkins that contains a customization account from the Nitro, Turbo or Player's Choice Crates. The accident runs through November 5th. Check out all of the data on the Rocket League site.


    Looking advanced to the ROCKET LEAGUE DOUBLE XP WEEKEND? You should be. Not alone is it the aboriginal anytime accident of its kind, it's aswell appearance the series' 10TH ANNIVERSARY so apprehend a bumper, bumper-to-bumper affair or twelve to boss your weekend.


    Below, we'll yield you through the Rocket League DOUBLE XP WEEKEND START TIME and END DATE, as able-bodied as if it's attainable for OFFLINE PLAYERS TO EARN DOUBLE XP.


    As per the Rocket League site, the accident begins on midnight, Friday, October 12 for those in the UK, with a Thursday, OCTOBER 11 START TIME for players in America. That's 4 PM Pacific and 7 PM Eastern, depending on which bank you're on.


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