I anticipation the controls would alter from MS1

  • The 3D mural does yield some accepting acclimated to https://www.lolga.com. Seeing that it was 3D, I anticipation the controls would alter from MS1, but they are still the aloft and plan appealing able-bodied with the new style. I did acquire adversity during one of the minigames if I had to chase arise the camera. To bisect these maps mounts are still present. Flying mounts I feel could use a way to go down instead of just ascent to the top. As of acclimatized now in the CBT, I acquire actuate no way to bead except to absolution the arise and re-mount midair. Afresh this is not the final artefact so I acquire no abstraction if it will change if it releases.

    The big affair I noticed is that MS2 has auto annexation that does not crave a pet or any array of acclimatized item. All you acquire to do is configure the advantage in your annual and you are acceptable to go. I am charmed seeing this.Another affair that has afflicted a little is the accomplishment tree. It is still the aloft in commendations to beforehand credibility but from the looks of it, I admiration if we will be able to beforehand accomplishment credibility max every accomplishment like in MS1. I am acquisitive that down the band the Kaiser chic will accomplish an actualization as that is my admired from MapleStory M Mesos. The artisan is my second, but I feel like that has become the Abundant Gunner chic that is in CBT, but I don't apperceive for sure. It is just an assumption.