NBA 2K is larger than Madden as it paid for others' failures

  • It was delicious watching Strauss Zelnick provide business to a person that doesn't be aware of business.
    Zelnick, the primary executive on the company that owns 2K Sports, what food was in New York on Friday for any technology conference stuck just using today's NBA All-Star Game. Bloomberg TV invited him on air to discuss his company as well as NBA 2K series, that's grown in a commercial and cultural presence that Madden NFL Overdrive Coins resembles another franchise Take-Two owns, Grand Theft Auto.
    So, Bloomberg anchor Stephanie Ruhle really stepped from it when she threw up her hands and asked Zelnick, "Can you ever see yourself truly competing with something such as Madden?"
    "We are greater than Madden, thanks to you," Zelnick replied. "So I would say, can Madden aspire to get bigger than NBA 2K?"
    Ouch. (It's in?this video, for the 2:15 mark).
    What constitutes "bigger" is often an argumentative moving target. In physical sales, sure, Madden NFL 15 outsold NBA 2K15 in North America for 2014. Both have large digital Buy Madden NFL Overdrive Coins revenue profiles, however. NBA 2K in addition has shown more rise in traditional measures, particularly since 2009, couple of years after Zelnick led a venture capital company revolt that restored adult supervision to Take-Two.