For the Bengals this brilliant news

  • For the Bengals this brilliant news. I don't care what others say, Hillis is usually a threat to possess a big game, despite his not enough success this coming year. Without Hillis the Browns offense is more serious shape pc already is. Cleveland lacks a large play-maker receiver and they are now Madden Overdrive Coins without having a dependable running back.
    As for Ward, I'm glad he's out, especially after last season. His absence is great news for that Bengals. Somehow the Browns have managed to possess the best pass defense from the league by letting an average of 166.5 yards per game throughout the air. Without Ward the Browns defense will possess a major void to Madden Overdrive Coins for sale fill. Did I mention I do not like Ward?
    Hopefully the Bengals will be in a position to rebound using their back-to-back losses and obtain back about the right track. I believe this will be the week which the Bengals get back to the win column.