"Protecting children" also need to mean letting users broadcast

  • "Protecting children" also need to mean letting users broadcast South Park: Stick of Truth, a game with a brand that exists to court controversy and love offensive imagery, a sports activity which enables you to battle a large penis boss monster and depicts aliens graphically probing various characters.
    While I find both games being distasteful (and lazy) about precisely MapleStory 2 Mesos how exactly they depict sex and sexual violence, I am glad that Twitch doesn't ban these games to "protect the children." Here, Twitch generally seems to be aware of that is a real job better suited for already existing "Mature Content" user setting, giving users more charge of managing their unique experience.
    I just wish Twitch was nearly as understanding about my games too.
    How to correct this
    Maybe I'm being too cynical. Maybe a significant committee of smart people at Twitch carefully debate the aesthetic merits of any game, prior to nuclear step of unilaterally banning it from Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos one while using most important game platforms in the world?
    The proven fact that nudity and sex are allowed on Twitch, only if this type of's "unimportant" and tangential / exploitative, makes hardly any sense. It sends conservative messages for what in the world is allowed as a "real game," and discourages artistic experimentation from developers for fear to be banned from Twitch.