Oh, because of the way, Tampa Bay obtained Gaines Adams.

  • Oh, because of the way, Tampa Bay obtained Gaines Adams.
    [UPDATE 12:45]: I'm an enormous offensive line homer. But the Browns buying Joe Thomas, after acquiring Eric Steinbach, should make their offensive line, at the very least 40% better. Anyway, I'm less than sure this may solve the Browns offensive suckage, but building your offensive line, in my opinion, may be the surest approach to Madden 19 Coins offensive success. Personally, this is really a nice pickup.
    [UPDATE 12:44]: Life as Brady Quinn isn't so bad.
    [UPDATE 12:38]: REACTION. Sean -- Pride of Detroit (Lions blog) -- says in reaction to your Calvin Johnson selection: "Hard to consider it's another receiver, but C.J. would be to good to give up after all this. Don't go away yet though. Johnson still may very well be traded."
    [UPDATE 12:35]: REACTION. Saint -- Silver and Buy Madden 19 Coins Black (Raiders blog) -- says in reaction towards the JaMarcus Russell selection: "What a lovely 24 hours for your bay area! Warriors bringing back the pride for the court and Al Davis making the sole pick that might possibly turn this (franchise) around. Yipee!!!!!!!"
    "Yippie" is always a great feeling.