Quick Hit: Stats baby!

  • It involved a long time, but I finally got in into Madden mode. The newest version has minimum change in comparison to your 2007 Xbox 360 version. The graphics are relatively the same while Marshall Faulk provides essentially by far the most monotone and generic commentary -- I'm not certain that I've heard him name one specific team yet. The best feature might be the gang tackling. I typically play middle linebacker. I'm the Bengals. No way! Against the Ravens -- game #2 inside '07 season -- I through with 20 tackles using Odell Thurman. The graphics undoubtedly are a tad smoother compared towards Xbox 360 predecessor. All for most, I haven't noted anything between 2007 and 2008 that's value MUT 19 Coins commenting on.
    But I'm not talking Madden. Taking my place from the information super-highway, I went Football Outsiders for a statistical overbearing post and discovered this.
    Note: Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) system that reduces every play and compares a team’s performance within the league average dependant upon situation as a method to determine value over average (explained further here).
    A historically top-ten DVOA Bengals offense, could possibly Buy MUT 19 Coins be the obvious bright spot, ranked 5th that includes a 23.2% Offense DVOA. The defense, somewhat surprisingly, is often a middle together with the road (16th) -2.1% Defense DVOA. Mostly thanks in your turnovers. The Special Teams ranks 31st developing a -21.2%. Only Kansas City ranks worst (-21.7%). Fix it, Simmons.