• I think Dalton ought further evaluation, and never further than this current year. He has proven to get very inconsistent. I think we require to observe the rest in the year plays over to generate a call on regardless of whether he must be replaced. I share the opinion of the lot individuals who drafting a quarterback can be a great idea. Dalton might thrive with competition and turn out to be the quarterback most people hoped he might well be by now... If he doesn't hopefully the quarterback Madden 19 Coins we pick will most likely be better.
    SC has a amount of an different thought. He thinks getting a few competition for almost any guy that potentially could take inside position. Or this new QB could light a hearth under Dalton and improve his play also.
    I wish, with this stage in the season and Dalton's career, that I could definitively say whether he could be the solution or otherwise. I can't. If you looked from the word inconsistency inside the dictionary, you'd view a graphic of Dalton. There are times when Dalton looks just like a complete stud. The 3rd down pass from Buy Madden 19 Coins deep in the Bengals territory earlier soon to Jones would've been a must-see. Perfect trajectory, great placement, unreal incredible throw. In the similar game, you may have Dalton overthrowing Green by 5-6 yards which was almost picked and throwing across his body in the red zone to own an easy interception.