This game could be MaplestoryM Mesos

  • At length, revamp bossing mechanics. Especially, their attacks. In a misguided effort to make them more challenging, you've ruined center mechanisms in the sport that influenced equilibrium. All%hp boss strikes are entirely unnavoidable, even to ability like SS which were designed specifically to Maplestory 2 Mesos avoid all attacks. CRA bosses can't be bound by abilities, even though there's no fantastic reason for this. Percent hp attacks are a dreadful mechanic in the first location. Please stop this Nexon. Update all boss attacks, for example%hp attacks, to be dodgeable with skills like SS.

    Make all bosses able to be jumped, that is the purpose of this ability after all. To get dc on changing stations, just slow down and do not do it differently. Just alter channel once and await a few seconds and see if there are any responses. I don't know how this game is even up, there is more bots than gamers, the reality, this game could be MaplestoryM Mesos amazing . however, it's very bad administrated.People selling items for USD through megaphones every day or within their license stores.

    So my rate is, this game may be an wonderful wonderful game 10/10, but as government, I'll speed it 5/10. As many of you've dropped, which is the very first point of opinion of the game, based in the year 2015. I had many (and I'm having) problems to login in the game, most times when I attempt to login after the PIC, I have disconnected to the login screen again, quite annoying.