Why am I leaving my Fortnite items

  • Why am I leaving my Fortnite items account behind? The solution is straightforward: I own a Nintendo Switch. And a Nintendo Switch could be a terrific way for me to play this game on the go when I'm trying to find a bit more of an involved experience than what I could get on cellular. But my account is tainted as far as the Change --the Xbox One--is concerned.

    I've used it to play on PS4, which usually means that I can't ever use it on the Change because of Sony's hardline approach to cross-play and cross-progression. It's just mildly inconvenient if we are being fair, however what chafes is that there's no actual reason for it outside protectionism. And because I own multiple platforms that I will make the change, so to speak.

    Cross-progression is among the most impressive things about Fortnite: Battle Royale. I can play the exact same account an unlock benefits if I am on my own PS4, my PC, or my phone, which Buy fortnite materials are my three chief platforms as of right now. However, now I will be replacing the PS4 side of the equation with Xbox Switch and One: a superior installation, however, one that is going to require me to utilize my alternate account.

    The cross-progression debacle was a sort of turning point for Sony, which dominated the current generation by countering Microsoft's ancient restrictionist moves with gamer-friendly policies on matters like connectivity and used games. Heavy is the head, however, and now Sony's rigid position on cross-progression is looking fairly frustrating alongside the now wide-open Microsoft.\


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