New layout and the Rainbow Six Siege Credits

  • "Players can expect a new layout and the Rainbow Six Siege Credits map as a whole will be larger, meaning that each floor is going to have a bigger surface area. Level Designers also have added new staircase to boost movement between each floor, raising the viability of rotations. On the other hand, the new Hereford Base will nevertheless maintain its'soul,' producing multiple nods to the old foundation. Level Artists also took this chance to upgrade the map of the visual identity and colour palette, providing each floor more character," Ubisoft added.

    Because of that, this rework gave the creative team and designers a chance to play around something new to the match, but consequently making it new. It was a tough balance, but one that seems to pay off if the movie at the peak of the article is any indicator.

    Rainbow Six Siege cheaters will lose their seasonal position and rewards

    Before this month, Ubisoft provided a fast overview of its efforts to Rainbow Six Siege Items fight cheating in Rainbow Six Siege, which included a strategy to get a tide of bans on players with boosted accounts--that is, accounts whose MMR [Matchmaking Rating] was artificially manipulated. Nowadays it published an update on that situation, saying that roughly 1,300 boosted players were suspended for 15 times this week, and promising harsher penalties to come.

    Suspended players will be returned to action before the conclusion of this present season, but their ill-gotten gains will not. "We are currently analyzing how we'll be bringing this from a technical side, but all gamers sanctioned for this will have their rank and benefits removed prior to the launching of Season 3," Ubisoft wrote.