Pillault was only recently released from OSRS gold

  • In recent years that followed, Pillault visited almost a dozen prisons and move centers.

    Pillault was only recently released from OSRS gold prison along with a subsequent period of house arrest. Before this week, he also released a movie about his experience in prison and his side of this trial. I also talked to Pillault via Discord to hear more of his story.

    "I chose to take my case to trial based on actual innocence," Pillault tells me,"but had been informed by my court-appointed attorney that the law at the point merely stated that if the words are spoken, it is a crime. So I waited in jail about nine months before I actually pleaded guilty, since I was quite determined, but Cheap Runescape gold determined the odds of certainty were too high."

    Pillault does not deny that he made those threats. As he explained in his movie,"I trolled himwent as hard as I could to get a reaction from him, and I accidentally made the authorities very, very upset." However, it was just a bad joke to him. "I do not and have not ever had any intent of murdering a human being," he explained.