Rainbow Six Siege Is Far Ahead Of Other Games

  • The characters hidden in the smoke of the game style awake also seem to be more Operators as a few of these commenters pointed out. More especially, they look as though they're the skins for different Operators which were shared at a tweet in August using different skins removing the faces out of Operators, Buy R6 credits the heads with eerie replicas of a sinister nun, and covering them with stitched masks.

    While the skins definitely looked out of place in contrast to the remainder of the Rainbow Six Siege entire world, they make a lot more sense with the most recent leak indicating that a Halloween-themed event is coming in October.

    Ubisoft has not confirmed such an event is coming so leaked speculation and images are that players need to go off of until an official affirmation is given.

    Until the event is confirmed, should it be happening, Rainbow Six Siege players possess the game's latest patch to play on and hold them until Halloween comes around. More updates are anticipated to come before then, however Ubisoft's newest most recent changelist made some sweeping changes to teamkilling that individuals who grow frustrated with their teammates may want to take notice of.

    "The team murdering punishment for a first offense is going to be adjusted from a kick to a 30 minute prohibit," Ubisoft's patch notes said with a complete breakdown of their new teamkilling penalties found here. "Originally, if a player was group killed in Casual, the offender was kicked from the match. The identical situation in Ranked could lead to a kick but also triggered an penalty. This was perplexing because it seemed as if the team killing punishment was different between Ranked vs Casual."

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