MapleStory M lets you take the adventures

  • I understand GMS is limited to exactly what Maple Mobile Mesos could do, but Spell Traces need to be updated to reflect what normal scrolls can perform. I do not mind weapons being trapped at 9, so they can make money off Primes with Marvel, but Android hearts should likewise be in a position to have 9 assault!

    This would not hurt the Prime market, as min/maxers would still want them. As somebody who is likely considered middle class/mid game... These are the biggest glaring defects to me.

    I have played maple for a while, but still do not understand the best way to produce billions of maplestory2 mesos. I've attempted elite supervisors, but they're so annoying to find and to even get maplestory2 items.

    I want more harm in my wind archer, my damage range is 78000-90000 (level 153}. What's so gosh darn costly and I cant fund my characters values crap.

    I don't spend money on maplestory2 MS and am considered underfunded, but get around it. I have friends that give me their"bad scrolled" items which are better than mine, even if they screwed their scrolling up on it. There are a number of really wonderful MS players out there that will assist you too. I tend to NPC most stuff due to hating the free sector. Just start looking for some people around and speak to them.

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