Fortnite exhaustion is real

  • Providing you've figured out that altering your construction hotkeys from the very odd default of F1-F5 is the best idea in the world, you should be at least somewhat competent when fortnite guns comes to construction in the center of a struggle.

    Even if we dismiss the construct meta where highground is all, being able to rapidly construct some security along with your materials is the very best means of playing, and thus relying upon that Port-a-Fort you've got on your pocket should truly be a last resort.

    Use the Port-a-Fort for a better tactical position, rather than to help save you in the middle of a fight if you don't really need to. Placing it in a fantastic location in the later stages will give you some solid protection and a good vantage point to pick off those remaining players.

    While quickly throwing it down into a fight will give you a structure your opponent will instantly know how to destroy, and will leave you stranded at the top if you are against a duo or squad who know how to play together. Adhere to regular building for conflicts, and Port-a-Forts for better tactical positions.

    Just like most shooters, highground is really important in the realm of Fortnite. It gives you better sightlines, makes enemies easier to see and means that anybody that places you will have to hit some good shots to bring you down. It is in fact something you ought to always be searching for, and that is even more true once you are looking for a good place to lay off your Port-a-Fort.

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