Top 4 best movie apps for Android

  • Are you a movie lover? If you are, you definitely cannot miss the top 4 best movies apps for Android below! Enjoy watching films anytime and anywhere!
    In these recent years, along with the development of our society, entertainment has become an essential spiritual factor in our lives. 
    Among all kinds of entertainment, movies have received the most attention. 
    That’s also why the topic of searching and selecting movie apps on smartphones always remains one of the hottest topics among smartphone users.
    So, if you’re in search of an app that can help you watch and follow blockbuster films, then the list of top 4 best movie apps for Android below will definitely satisfy you.
    When mentioning watching movies online, we definitely couldn’t skip this popular app. 
    It possesses a massive library of films and TV Shows that are updated on a regular basis.
    Moreover, it includes many exclusive movies that only can be seen when using Netflix. 
    Also, there are a lot of outstanding features and promotions. 
    After signing up for membership, you can experience all the films and TV Shows as well as other features for free for a month. 
    After that, Netflix will give out suggestions based on your previous history.
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    Monthly fees required and it’s quite costly.
    HD Viet
    Ranking in the second place is HD Viet, a standard movie app. It allows users to share films, add movies into the “Favorite” section, and report errors when they cannot watch the movies to receive support.
    It features an extensive collection of blockbuster movies and shows.
    HD Viet requires no fees.
    Users can watch films and  TV shows in HD quality at high speeds.
    This app also allows us to customize the overall setting as well as the size, font, and color of the subtitles quickly.
    It functions with stability.
    HD Viet contains too many advertisements.
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    FPT Play
    This is an online television app released by FPT, one of the most famous technology cooperation of Vietnam. With this app, users can watch Vietnamese broadcasting channels such as VTV, VTC, and VCTV. 
    It offers a replay feature, which let users view their missed shows/movies.
    Also, it provides users with many exclusive shows such as the Grand Pix, boxing and more.
    FTP Play has an easy-to-use interface with a lot of helpful features such as the child monitor, the personal list creating feature, and more. 
    Users must use  a wired network, so the installment is quite complicated.
    The speed depends on the internet connection.
    FTP Play doesn’t offer many promotions.
    Zing TV 
    Zing TV is a movie app that let users watch movies and films online from Youtube channels like gamehub, gamek, and gamen. If you’re a fan of V-POP, certainly you cannot skip this app. It always updates the latest music videos, exclusive clips about famous singers, and world-leading shows.
    It provides HD quality videos/movies at stable speed.
    Zing TV has a lot of outstanding features such as the advanced CND system, “Interested” feature, Multi-screen feature, and more.
    Users can also watch videos in different resolutions.
    Zing TV doesn’t provide the online television watching feature.
    It still has limitations in the numbers of movies.
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    To sum it up,
    Above is the list of the top 4 best movie apps for Android. If you are all about films and movies, why don’t you give it a whirl? Although they’re not perfect, I promise they’ll all give you a spectacular experience.