Hire Freelance Telecom Technician

  • Freelance Telecom Technician

    Qualifications –

    A partner degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is expected to qualify as a Telecom Tech. The course covers the wide exhibit of points identified with PCs, organizing, how to work LAN, Wireless LAN, and video conferencing frameworks. According to the Telecom Industry guidelines, the association suggests discretionary confirmations like SSCA (SIP school Certified Associate) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) to propel the vocation as a telecom professional.

    Extra Skills Requirements –

    A working knowledge in arranging, introducing, designing and sending telecom framework and administrations is an unquestionable requirement.

    Learning of big business telecom, organize investigation, and specialized apparatuses.

    Must be Customer-arranged.

    Solid PC abilities and learning of VOIP execution and administration.


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