Video issues on Kindle Fire devices

  • Kindle fire devices have a lot of advantage over traditional Kindle devices. Not only these are a way lot more in multimedia, these also give a strong competition to regular tablets. These are backed by Amazon and receive timely Amazon Kindle Update for usage. Not to forget, these devices also have a state of the art construction and hence are sold a lot. There can be some issues with finest of the gadgets. Here in this article, we will discuss some of the video issues with amazon kindle fire tablets.

    About video issues on Kindle Fire tablets:

    There can be a lot of issues when it comes to electronics. Kindle fire devices are brought over traditional Kindle devices because of their unlimited upside when it comes to multimedia consumption. Users can use the same Amazon account on this kindle via Manage My Kindle Account. Amazon kindle fire has a lot of features such as camera, which is optional with some models. These come with 16m colours and a TFT panel with a touchscreen. HD models come with IPS LCD panels and they are constructed like a tank.

    Kindle fire devices in the HD and HDX range have a lot of features and hence have also been launched for kids. These come under a hundred bucks and are mainly used for educational purposes. These devices also come preloaded with educational content and special casing for kid’s version. More can be known about this device at Kindle Help. However, the catch is with the services. Customers have complained that many of these Kindle devices are facing issues with the video player. While earlier they thought that it is a format issue and compatible format should be played, Amazon confirmed that it is not a format issue.

    Hence, users tried using other Kindle devices, preferably new ones which played the same format with ease. This issue has spread like wildfire to many Kindle users. The last update is also blamed by some users while others claim that the update caused no harm and video playback has been affected due to some other reason. Www Kindle Com Support confirmed that such kind of issues also arises out of handling differences. Most of the users have a different kind of handling of the device and hence can be solved using some of the self-diagnostics.

    Diagnostics to solve the Kindle issue:

    There are a lot of ways in which a Kindle can be corrupted when it comes to video playback and similarly, there are a lot of ways to treat it. The first way to deal with it is to clear the cache of video player app. Once that has been done, then Amazon Kindle Login is needed in the app again to play online videos. Completing the process would bring us back to the app. Try playing some format which is suitable for the device. Once all of this has been done, the app should work. If it is not working, try some other ways such as discussed ahead.

    Users can also go for other methods. Some of these include installing the third-party apps. Third-party video apps include apps such as VLC which are available for Android and are compatible with Kindle. Just sideload them on the Kindle and you are good to go. If you have VLC installed on any other device, use Manage Kindle Devices and transfer the app to the device which you are using now. This would solve the video problem easily since these apps have a different codec of their own. If you still want to play using the original app, try hard resetting the device and hence the issues will be resolved but all the data will be wiped so it is not preferred.

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