Activation Errors Encountered On Mcafee Subscription With CD Or

  • McAfee is a type of security software which is continuously getting appreciation from existing users. They are happy using it on their device. If you are new to the McAfee and trying installing it on your device with subscription CD or card, then you may find problem with the activation. There are chances you won’t be able to go to McAfee com activate page.

    What’s the actual problem?

    People in the complaint forum have reported that they are not being able to redeem the code and find a problem in activating McAfee product from McAfee account login. They are getting one of the following messages on the screen:

    • The website you are viewing contains no activation or retail card.
    • The product key entered by you for activation of McAfee security program is not as per the country and language you have selected.
    • Activation key already in use.
    • Invalid key entered on the screen.
    • The retail card you have just purchased from the store is not activated due to some technical issue from the card store side. You need to send a request to the store retailer to activate the card.
    • Issues with activation CD.

    What’s the solution?

    1st problem: The website you are viewing doesn’t contain any such retail card or code.

    Solution: Check the website URL properly any wrong character entered by you may put you in trouble.

    2nd problem: The product key entered by you is not in accordance with the country and the language you have selected during installation.

    Solution: Open the language menu from the drop-down list and select the country and language which matches your retail card conditions. For more help and support, you can contact McAfee antivirus support.

    3rd problem: Invalid activation key

    Solution: You may have entered key in hurry. Enter it slowly and must match it with the one given on the card. If the problem still exists, then contact McAfee support.

    4th problem: Activation already in use

    Solution: This error message normally displays on a screen, if you are trying to install the same product on another computer. You can take assistance for this issue from the related technical support team. They will solve the matter.

    5th problem: Sorry for inconvenience, your activation key or card is not yet activated from storekeeper side. Try again or go to the nearby storekeeper.

    Solution: This problem mainly occurs if the storekeeper has activated any other card instead of your card. You can reach them by phone call or personally through the store and ask them to activate as early as possible.

    6th problem: Issues activating the product from CD

    Solution: For this, you need to follow the steps mentioned here as follows:

    • Insert CD into the drive and start installation process if it doesn’t start automatically.
    • Read the guided instructions to begin the installation.
    • Right click on McAfee icon given inside the taskbar and tap to activate it.
    • Enter key through CD and click to activate it.

    You will get ‘Successfully activated’ message on the screen. If you fail to get this message, then call McAfee antivirus tech support phone number or run virtual technician.

    • Open troubleshooting and repair page.
    • Click to download and run.
    • You will be prompted to run the mvt.exe file.
    • Double click on the above-mentioned file type.
    • Click yes if asked to selected user account controls to allow MVT to run.
    • Wait till it gets installed, and minimize it.