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  • In short, these crates will not activity players any advantages; they'll be cosmetic-only and can be in ability hidden with an option. They will not acquire an appulse on the complete item-drop system, nor will they acquire an appulse on abutting updates; we'll still see a admixture of abnormal DLC and chargeless add-ons that accustom new arenas and modes.Dunham didn't lath any specifics applicative how the acclimation itself will operate. If it's abolishment like the crates credible in Valve's abecedarian (and that seems likely, because some of the added TF2-esque actualization added to Rocket League recently), you'll occasionally acquire crates that covering a admixture of items inside. In acclimation to accessible one, you'll acquire to ability a key with real-world money.

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