To fight the MapleStory 2 Buy Mesos

  • MapleStory 2 hasn’t even fully launched away from its headstart – that’s tomorrow – nevertheless the bots, spammers, and gold farmers, happen to be swarming the sport, that is thoroughly predictable, as anyone who’s ever played or built an MMORPG should know about. Combating the bots is one in the key things Nexon’s taking care of, based on its state-of-the-game missive out today.

    “We are seeing many Meso Sellers creating bot accounts, and spamming world chat, channel chat or maybe sending out random mail or whispers,” the studio says. “PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS WITH MESO SELLERS. It is against the relation to use, and when we track the logs, you are going to MapleStory 2 Buy Mesos be also banned on the game should you make any pay for illegal Meso Sellers.”

    To fight the bots, Nexon says it’s temporarily disabling the mail system to bar spam, hiking the exact level requirements for Meso trading currency and world chat (level 50 apiece), and “upgrading [its] ban system to detect spam more effectively and ban those accounts from the experience automatically.”

    Nexon also notes it’s working for the launch patch, new class, new servers, Steam bugs, connection errors, new rates for hair-styles, tweaks to your dungeon system, template thievery, and overall transparency.MOP’s Justin tested the game’s head-start the other day, finding it cutesy and fun with plenty to try and do, although it might not entice more grimdark MMO fans.

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