We are very happy with these new inclusions in the game

  • Additionally there is a new key stone which has been added, Perfect Agony. Can make use of the damage over time modifications that are part of 3. zero and it sounds rather complicated. Basically, this key rock means you do not do just as much damage with a direct strike, but over time bleeding, spark and poison will be more powerful. It sounds quite interesting and is absolute to be a skill that a few clever players use perfectly. Damage over time builds will definitely see a huge rise in reputation, especially if this key natural stone works the way the developers plan it to.

    We are very happy with these new inclusions in the game. If we are being extremely critical, we do believe that the Bandit Quests aren't as rewarding as the final batch were, but which is us just being a small on the nitpicking side. As the new key stone is extremely interesting. In all honesty, the real celebrity of this latest update may be the new mini map. This may sound like such an odd point to get excited about, but Milling Gear Games have completely nailed it and we may honestly not see anybody having any issues with this particular map.

    So there you have it an additional update to Path Of Exile. May not be as big as a few of the other updates, but all of us feel that these are all good addendums to the game. Then what do you would like to see in poe three. 0? We would love to understand your thoughts on this update within the comments below and if you would like some Path of Exile Chaos Orb. Make sure to take advantage of our Path Associated with Exile Orbs Hot Purchase!