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  • Whether the safe wow gold couple shares a passion for computer science, video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, or role playing games such as Dungeons Dragons, incorporating a nerdy theme in a wedding cake is obviously a blast!

    Of course, nerds have birthdays, too. In fact, there is probably a higher chance that you'll be looking at nerdy cakes for a birthday than a wedding. (Okay, I admit, that wasn't nice.) But hey, you should have more birthdays in your life than weddings, right?

    This is a collection of some of the geekiest cakes that have ever been made. The cakes span across a number of nerdy niches.

    Some of these cakes are REALLY creative and some just make you wonder why. Either way, these cakes are a nerd's dream come true. I just hope no one is dressed as an Ewok or as Darth Vader at any of these parties!

    itsmonkeyboy 4 years ago from London, UK

    What a fantastic hub! I love so many of those cakes I couldn't name a favourite. I'm getting married this year as well but I doubt I'll be able to talk my partner into any of the above. We did see some wedding cupcakes a few months ago that were quite fantastic, I meant to get a photo but forgot. They were Transformer cupcakes with the Transformer logo in the middle, and written around it 'Together we can destroy the world!'. Great. Thank you for sharing these Melbel.

    Lady Wordsmith 4 years ago from Lancaster, UK

    Wonderful! I'm not going to be having a wedding cake any time soon, but I have three boys who each have a birthday every year. I've been thinking for some time that it's probably about now that I should be making an effort and baking their cakes myself the shop bought ones are expensive, and there's not satisfaction in bringing one of them out because they don't really mean anything. I would just love to wow my kids with a cake that they hadn't been expecting, and that no one had seen before! I don't know if I'm up to the job, but the next birthday is in August, and I'm going to try it.

    Thanks for the inspiration! The tauntaun one is amazing, and the AT AT, but I like the Scrabble one best I think :).

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