Conti Mourinho speak too much

  • Mourinho and Conti's spat war continues! Chelsea are going to FIFA Coins face Arsenal in the League Cup semi-final, but Conti again dissatisfied Mourinho at a pre-game press conference.

    "I do not hate anyone, and I comment on Wenger because he mentions my players, but I respect each coaching idea and for this reason I comment only because Wenger mentions Zal, but each coach has his own point of view. "

    Conti thought it was still within the scope of different points of view for Arsene Wenger's throw-on attack, but for Jose Mourinho's evaluation of his clown and the game of control, Tie Tie said: "He said it was very over , I will not forget these things if I am exaggerated, it has nothing to do with the club and this is my personal problem with him. "

    Conti also commented that Mussina dementia was a villain. When a reporter asked him if he regretted, Conti said: "I look like regret it? I think not, we say something, look at what will happen in the future."

    Conte also talked about the new aid Barkley, "Tomorrow night for him, this game is still too anxious .He is in good health, began to join us in the training class, and he understood our tactical ideas "

    "But Buckley takes a little bit of time and I do not know (when he will play) he shows great willingness to work and the willingness to help us, which is very positive and I am very happy to have left this season Barkley is owned by time. "

    In addition, Conti also confirmed that Azar's injury has no effect, will play: "He is in good condition, will participate in tomorrow's race."