Liverpool hopes Fermino will be on the team until retirement

  • Liverpool hopes to sign a new contract with team forward Roberto Felminou to keep him at Anfield for the rest of his career.

    Fermini currently has two years to contract with the club and the new contract will provide him with more time.

    Liverpool has already lost Kudiniao and what they want to make sure now is that important players in their own team should no longer leave the club with record-breaking transfer fees for similar situations. Fermini may be the main beneficiary of the high transfer fees the team received after the transfer of Kudiniao, the club not only need to introduce signings, but also to protect the team building team already built the cornerstone .

    Liverpool coach Klopp and the team's contract to 2022, which means that most players in the club will spend the pinnacle of their career under his hands. Despite the loss of Kudiniao for the club is a significant loss, but Liverpool do not think they will be the same as Klopp's former boss Dortmund, the team continued to sell the core players.

    Liverpool considered Kudiniao's transfer as an independent event, and in fact Brazilians never concealed their dream of going to Barcelona in an Anfield five-year career. The Red Army is convinced that other key players in the squad, Fermino, Sadeo-Mane and Egyptian Muhammad-Salah, who joined last year, have been able to steadily spend years in Merseyside.

    Fermini will be rewarded soon, although negotiations FIFA Coins have not yet officially begun, but the matter of renewal should happen soon. FELMINO has been steadily making progress since joining Liverpool, who was also coached by Brendan Rodgers at the time in 2015. Under Klopp, Fermino has an immediate effect on position nine, having scored 16 goals this year and scoring only two fewer goals than Salah.

    Fermino and Coutinho have a very good relationship, both inside and out of the court, and Coutinho was his best man at the Ferminino wedding last summer. FELLMINO writes on social media after her friends leave for the team: "Lack of my fantastic brother, Liverpool, will not be the same as before. Brother, I want you to be successful and enjoy life there , Realize your dream, may God bless you and your family, and I really feel honored to be able to play with magicians like you. "

    Currently Liverpool players have returned from a brief holiday in Dubai, and striker Daniel Sturridge has missed a leg injury in recent weeks and has now returned to injury. There are many clubs interested in Sturridge this winter transfer window, but although the England striker played in the team for a limited time, but Liverpool may only accept the offer in line with his market value.