network automation to the next level

  • In each one of these above topics lies much more complexity than I will dive head-first into here. By introducing them here, my aim has been to demonstrate there are interesting patterns we may draw from, and some operators are doing so already. If you’ve ever heard the old Zen Buddhist koan of the sound of one hand clapping, that’s the sound you’re likely to hear from your own forehead, once the obviousness of applying DevOps to DevNetOps hits you squarely in the face.

    Just as the hardest part of adopting DevOps is often cited to be breaking off one manageable goal at a time and focusing on that, I think we’ll find the same is true of DevNetOps. Before we even get there in networking, I think we need to scope the transformation properly of applying DevNetOps to the challenges of networking, especially with issues of basic physical connectivity and transport.

    While “network automation” leads the mind to jump to things like applying configuration management tooling and programming today’s manual tasks, DevNetOps should remind us that there is a larger scope than mere automation coding. That scope includes culture, processes, design and tools. Collectively, they may all lead us to a happier place.

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    network automation capabilities are driven from the Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration portfolio for network automation and service orchestration. The three key components in Ericsson’s network automation offering are:

    Orchestration - The Ericsson Orchestrator (EO) is an ETSI-MANO multi-domain orchestrator able to manage NFV infrastructure (NFVi), NFV Orchestrators and VNF Mangers, as well as multiple SDN-Controllers and physical network functions (PNFs). Its is an "orchestrator of orchestrators" providing both network and service orchestration capabilities. EO also provides network slice orchestration.
    Assurance & Analytics - CENX Service Assurance provides closed loop network assurance and Ericsson Expert Analytics (EAA) provides AI/ML insights used to drive network automation decisions.