When will 5G launch technology

  • In addition to improvements in speed, capacity and latency, 5G offers network management features -- among them network slicing, which enables mobile operators to create multiple virtual networks within a single physical 5G network. This capability will enable wireless network connections to support specific uses or business cases and could be sold on an as-a-service basis. A self-driving car, for example, could require a network slice that offers extremely fast, low-latency connections so a vehicle could navigate in real time. A home appliance, however, could be connected via a lower-power, slower connection because high performance is not crucial. IoT could use secure, data-only connectionsMany of the big carriers are working on building up their 5G networks now. This includes Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Verizon is working on implementing MM wave, and T-Mobile is working on low- and midband 5G first.

    Led by T-Mobile, carriers are starting to embrace the idea of a multi-tier 5G strategy, which includes the use of low-band, midband and MM wave frequencies. T-Mobile has started to launch 5G in half a dozen markets currently.

    Verizon is another leader in the 5G market and is currently focusing on the implementation of MM wave 5G. In addition, Verizon created an investment fund named Verizon Ventures. Verizon Ventures aims to invest in areas that would benefit from 5G, such as augmented reality, IoT and artificial intelligence.

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