personalization and omnichannel communication

  • During these times of crisis, immediacy, personalization, and omnichannel communication are more important than ever. Ignoring these needs can lead to long waiting times, annoying to-and-fro conversations with multiple executives to get the issue resolved, and unsatisfactory automated responses.

    All of these can ruin a customer’s relation with your company. And an agitated customer is definitely not something you would want. Being empathetic and providing instant solutions is essential to maintaining a long-term relationship with your customers.
    With millions of subscribers and a variety of products and customized solutions, operational tasks have become increasingly complex, since face-to-face assistance is not an option. Even simple tasks such as service configuration, invoicing, order fulfillment, and payments are now challenging.You find out your customers have negatively rated the service experience. What do you do?

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    First, figure out what specific content is affecting service the most. Trying to deal with everything at once is overwhelming.

    At Aivo, we use the Satisfaction Score, a learning tool available on our platform for analyzing and improving customer experience. This report evaluates each session's rating and builds a satisfaction score for every uploaded question.You can use it to identify the top 5 questions with the most negative scores in order to focus your energy on what matters.Handling complex operations requires more resources and tools, which also increases the financial overhead of telecom companies.

    Moreover, consumers want everything to be super quick. They aren’t ready to tolerate any delays in the operational processes, especially not while facing a pandemic and global quarantine. It’s time to be more resolutive as ever.
    With Covid-19 quickly spreading across the world, keeping hundreds of employees inside a contact center is both a threat to their health and, in some countries, even illegal. Quarantines are being enforced and most companies are migrating to remote working.

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