Virtual Assistants for Customer Support

  • The long-term cost-effectiveness of these telephone systems for small business will depend on the number of users that you have. Generally, if you have more than 30 users, an on-site system, such as Avaya IP Office, may be your best solution. If you have fewer users, a hosted VoIP system is usually more suitable.

    Remote Workers

    If you have a large number of remote workers, it may be better for you to choose a hosted VoIP system. It can be very expensive to add remote workers to a traditional on-site system.

    Maintenance and Flexibility

    Sometimes, an on-site PBX can develop faults, so some maintenance and repairs would naturally be required if you were to select a traditional phone system. Also, it can be more difficult to make changes to traditional systems than it is to update hosted VoIP systems. Obviously, the robustness of the equipment and the amount of flexibility you have will depend on the specific system you decide to invest in.
    Using Preventive maintenance to help customers
    Preventive maintenance is effective not only on the network side, but also on the customer’s side. Dutch telco KPN analyzes the notes produced by its contact center agents, and uses the insights generated to make changes to its interactive voice response (IVR) system. KPN also tracks and analyzes customers’ at-home behavior – with their permission – such as switching channels on their modem, which may signify a Wi-Fi issue. Once identified, KPN proactively follows up on these problems, driving greater successes for technical teams.

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