RuneScape Dev:Loot Key Scroll

  • The Loot Key Scroll is a new tradeable item dropped by Revenant NPC's found within the Revenant Caves which can be redeemed at Krystilia (the Edgeville witch), giving players the ability to toggle "Loot keys".

    Loot keys turn all the loot you'd usually get from a gamer in the wilderness or PvP worlds in to the form of a key, which will only use up 1 inventory slot.

    A person can hold up to 5 keys at once, after which PvP drops will certainly revert to normal functionality until they have either redeemed or ruined a key.

    Keys can be redeemed at a bank, similar to Deadman secrets, or destroyed.

    Whenever killing a player along with Loot Keys allowed, the key would be dropped in the way you'd expect normal loot to drop from a kill. You will still have to run over and take a look at it.

    Keys would have an "Inspect" option with them, this RS 2007 Gold option is available whilst they are on the floor or in your inventory. This can tell you the value of the key. You can then decide whether or not it's worth getting rid of one of your own existing keys for just one on the floor, etc .

    Our intention with Loot Keys is to allow players that have sufficient supplies after a kill to take all of their well-earned loot and get straight back into action, without having rendering them as vulnerable by taking upward inventory slots. Gamers carrying Loot Secrets will become high profile focuses on as you have a chance of getting their secrets and multiple loots!

    Loot Keys do not have the option for as well as supplies to be split from the key. When we did this then they would be far too powerful – players already are gaining a huge advantage of not having to carry a full inventory of loot. Any player that intends to PK and gather supplies from the defeated whilst doing so should simply toggle off Loot Keys.

    Loot Secrets will always be lost upon death, meaning their own contents will never become protected. Players along with keys in their stock will not have an indication above their heads like in Deadman. The only method you will be able to tell if someone is holding Loot Keys is by killing all of them and checking for yourself!