Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath Expansion Doubles

  • E3 2017: Path of Exile The Fall of Oriath Expansion Doubles the Story Length
    More than doubling the length of the Path associated with Exile’s story,cheap poe items  The Fall of Oriath features new character customization, six new Acts and much more!
    The latest Path regarding Exile expansion is looking to be the biggest involving developer Grinding Gears Games has put out yet! After the release of Path connected with Exile in 2013, the community has been growing and just in the past year, it has increased hours played by 44 percent with more than one million monthly players in December 2016.
    This Diablo-inspired RPG adds one considerable act to the Path of Exile adventure while remixing with previous four to create a whole new experience. That being said, Act five returns players to Oriath to seek revenge for their exile, while leaving a path of furious destruction in the process.
    Grinding Armor and weapon upgrades Games has removed the previous difficulty Cheap Path Of Exile items level system to make room for another five brand new Acts, which brings the number of Acts in order to ten. In these 5 new acts, you will explore both the fresh return to familiar locations, where you will observe the drastic results of your past actions.
    Next thing to look forward to is claiming the power of the Gods. Path of Exile’s new Pantheon system provides you with impressive powers taken from the God’s themselves. There is only one catch, The Gods don’t go down easily. Path of Relégation: The Fall of Oriath has many new and exciting features including dozens of new items, skills, and locations as well as new ways to play. This game looks promising that even the most die-hard fans will keep busy for months.
    Purchase the closed Beta which includes Acts I-VII with plans to add VIII in the near future. Path with Exile: The Fall of Oriath will be available for PC in mid-July 2017, and, along with the entire content update and all previous ones at the launch of the Xbox One version launch later this year.