NBA 2K21 do a terrible job of explaining that

  • I understand you mean mechanisms, but nba 2k21 mt coins there are numerous things that add up to enhance gameplay and this is only one of them. I for one enjoyed the less iso nature of this match and also the more staff oriented defense/offense. Intimidator and pogo stick destroyed the game. Pogo definitely. I am able to complete around intimidators by making them jump - but not when they can jump every second. Even Zion doesnt get up that quickly.

    Is there a way to change who you use in the 2kU? The rod is horribly implemented. The simple fact that the sweet place might be everywhere randomly is dumb. This is really not true, the answer is always straight down. Not it's not. I shot at least 200 shots on 2ku yesterday from precisely the same place up top. The target place changes every time and its own random. It is, it's simply sensitive and maybe miscalibrated. The window will appear in another part of the meter, which is random, but where your marker is comparative to the green window will be right down.

    Not arbitrary; pretty sure it points in how great a shot, how much you really dribble, position/momentum, while it is a hotspot for your participant, etc along with how close to centre you pull back....did you just take each of 200 shots out of a standstill at the specific same spot? I agree with this. Weirdly the quickest way I began to understand the meter was intentionally missing left and right and starting to see those patterns.

    Therefore, if you just pull down every time it greens regardless of where the window is? If that's the case, it's even worse due to its buggy. However, I am 99% convinced after a ton of shots that's not perfect. It's what they desired but certainly buggy. You can even see the window is offset dependent on how your launch is away. Nope it is not where you start it . I tried that too. Bruh eric bledsoe clamp god.... Cant shake him, create space or push on him regardless of what, what is up with that. He had been in DPOY talks last season that is probably why. He is a fantastic defender. If I am making a shot producing little forward (kawhi build) what takeover will be best? I'd hazard a guess shot creator or lock.

    We're getting suckered... Is all I will say about it. The demo is basically 2K20 using a new coat of paint. The shot meter is a hassle to deal with, and the amount of times players have walked through the on-court shot clock obscuring the amount of time that I have left before I commit a shot clock violation would be in real. I am gonna wait till the game's on sale. So that tells me current gen is 2k20 rereleased with added features. Then next gen is actual going to be the newest 2k21. Which is just dishonest. They did this when they jumped out of buy Nba 2k21 Mt PS3 to PS4.