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  • Hello everyone, This is so far in this great year, and there is more to look forward to 2016, including 2 of God's fate, in the final stage of Buy RS Goldthe Sliske sliske story arc and dramatic results, in Chapter 2, it is directly to your feedback from the go to here first launch.You can count on the east to train more enjoyable, let you know more of the unknown island, reward you with some unlock unlock.But 2017 what can you expect? No more miracles: This is a summary of the show in runefest.To build 2017, we ask you the most desired update. This is in a survey, which is thousands of people answer, 12 of the most wanted updates, so that very interesting reading.Rework four times in the top 12. The battle is also very popular, accounting for more than and 3 of the slots, thanks to the enthusiasm of Buy Runescape Goldthe PVM community. But, for me, the biggest surprise is a 3 day weather system.Crystal Peacock armor rework - MMORS.COM
    A part of your own with a custom XP reward every day to juvenile robbery, from the beginning of September 1st Thursday, throughout the month.Today catherby and white Langshan to rework. Now popular, and visit the sleeping towns below the powerful mountains.Don't forget the next game card promotion also landed, the real Crystal Peacock armor set.From the daily experience | bonus reward - rob | consecutive rare weekendThose crazy crablets from the east of the land, there are hidden treasures on the back! Open it anywhere in the world, to build their own custom XP reward every day in the event this Thursday from looting.Welcome to discuss it and Buy Runescape Goldon our website http://www.mmors.com/Treasure hunter is harvest festival - MMORS.COM
    Win the treasure hunter can plant the production of XP to the seed production batch. Plant a XP or trim a little XP other player's plant.Looking for 5 batches, 10 or 25 seeds from the treasure hunter from UTC 23:59 on Thursday, September 15th to Monday, September 19th UTC 00:00.Harvest FestivalUnlike other gielinor seeds can be planted in any place, you can make a fire.When they grow to Buy RS Goldplants, they harvest their production. You can use it in the following ways:"Back to earth" farming XP"Pray to God XP"If you are lucky, the click this link harvest will lead to Buy Runescape Goldthe perfect production of XP X2 using the above method.In addition, instead of harvesting the plant, you can "trim" it to accept XP Firemaking.Higher skill levels to unlock new activities - MMORS.COM
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    3/8/19 at 2:00 PM
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Higher skill levels to unlock new activities - MMORS.COM