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    November 30, 2018 6:37 AM EET , waiver wire adds aren’t always going to be big immediate impact types. A lot of them are going to give you some depth and spot starts on bye weeks. That’s mostly where this week’s waiver wire adds fall. Before we get to the main additions, for the third week in a row we’ll mention Taylor Gabriel, who is still just 22 percent owned in Yahoo leagues. Albert Wilson, WR, Miami DolphinsRostered - Yahoo: 10 percent | ESPN: 6 percentOver the past three weeks, Wilson has seen 6, 6, and 9 targets, which have resulted in 4, 5, and 6 receptions, and 19, 43, and 155 yards. Where Wilson has really been able to make a splash is after the catch. On his 73-yard touchdown on Sunday, the expected yards after the catch was one (1). He went for 70. That wasn’t even his best run against expectation — that was a 74-yard touchdown with five expected yards after the catch and he went 78, 73 yards above expectation. Only one other player this season has one reception with over 50 YAC over expectation. The Dolphins are also starting to use Wilson more in spots where he can run after the catch — crossing routes to the middle of the field.Ito Smith, RB, Atlanta FalconsRostered - Yahoo: 9 percent | ESPN: 13.7 percentSmith has scored a touchdown in three straight games and he’s going to keep getting the opportunity to do more. Devonta Freeman sat out on Sunday and his outlook for Monday night against the Giants doesn’t look good to start the week. Tevin Coleman out-snapped Smith against the Buccaneers (57 percent to 46 percent), but Smith had more carries (11 to 10) and both had two targets. Smith is on a bye after facing the Giants, but should be worth at least a bench spot while Freeman’s health is monitored through the second half of the season.Cole Beasley, WR, Dallas CowboysRostered - Yahoo: 9 percent | ESPN: 8.4 percentMaybe the Cowboys figured out which receiver they should try to run the offense through. Maybe it’s just a blip, but there’s no doubt Beasley had the most impressive game for a Cowboys wide receiver this season before you even consider it came against the Jacksonville Jaguars — nine catches for 101 yards and two touchdowns on 11 targets. When the Dallas offense was at its best in 2016, Beasley was a big part of it. If the Cowboys can keep running the passing offense through the slot, they could be on to something, and buying into that is putting your faith in the Dallas coaching staff , so understood if there’s hesitation. But if the Cowboys figured out Beasley’s role, he could he turn into at least a high volume option for PPR leagues.Latavius Murray, RB, Minnesota VikingsRostered - Yahoo: 49 percent | ESPN: 46.2 percentDalvin Cook was “close” to playing on Sunday, per Mike Zimmer, but the second-year back was inactive against the Arizona Cardinals and has been dealing with injuries for most of the season and his status is something to monitor. Without Cook on the field Sunday, Murray got 82 percent of the snaps with 24 carries for 155 yards. The Vikings have been one of the most pass-heavy teams in the league this season, but they have also been among the league leaders in total plays, which still gives plenty of volume to running backs. Cook’s return would take away from Murray’s impact, but any future injury concerns would give Murray a clear path to a No. 1 back role. It’s a gamble well worth the roster spot for the about half of leagues he’s not currently on a roster.New dad Sterling Shepard getting tips from veteran dads Eli Manning, Zak DeOssie Some things are more important than football. For instance, New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard became a father over the weekend. Shepard and his wife, Chanel Iman, welcomed their daughter, Cali Clay Shepard, into the world Friday morning. Unsurprisingly, questions about routes in practice pale before the birth of a child, and that was the focus of Shepard’s time with the media after practice on Monday.Perfect timingShepard said after practice that the timing of the birth wasn’t as expected, but turned out to be absolutely perfect.“I was thinking it was going to happen on that game day but we woke up the next morning, she (Shepard’s wife Chanel) stood up, her water broke, and we went right to the hospital. She did great, I was there every step of the way. It was pretty graphic, but it was good. She did a great job. Our moms were there, our families were there, everything went perfect.”Shepard added , “They didn’t do much on Friday either, so it was perfect timing. She’s a very considerate baby, she came out right on time. It was nine days earlier than what it was supposed to be.”Advice from the vetsOne of Shepard’s newest teammates, Saquon Barkley went through the same thing, with the birth of his own daughter just two days before the 2018 NFL Draft. Shepard was asked if his fellow new dad had any advice for him. “No,” Shepard said, “he didn’t give me any tips. He’s a brand new dad just like me so we’re trying to figure it out together. Eli (Manning) and them, they’ve been helping me out, all the older guys, Zak DeOssie.”What kind of advice did the veteran dads have for Shepard? Shepard said, “Just advice. From breast feeding to having to be up and helping the wife out when you get home, you don’t really know what she’s going through throughout the day so when you get home, help her out a bit so she can have some time to herself and things like that.”No, big game experience doesn’t help Finally, Shepard confirmed that the pressure of playing in a big game doesn’t have anything on the birth of your daughter. “It was a little bit more intense,” Shepard said. “You kind of have an idea of what you’re going into on game day. There, you have no idea what’s going to happen or what could happen, so the nerves are kicking a little bit more. Like I said, I was on the side of the bed with her the whole time, I even caught myself pushing when the doctor was saying, ‘Push!’ and she was like, ‘What are you pushing for?’, but I was helping her out and she did a great job.”I think I can speak for everyone when I say: Congrats, Sterling!