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Servers were always filling up

  • December 3, 2018 8:16 AM EET

    But that's the biggest difference between Runescape and its running Old School  buy RuneScape gold counterpart. Both share roughly the same number of concurrent players, but how players interact in each one is very different.
    The neighborhood was enormous. Servers were always filling up and mini-games needed more than sufficient players for several rounds to be appreciated. You could even hang out with different players and simply talk a load of nonsense whilst spending hours at one time mining iron for this succulent 100,000 gold coin for 1,000 units of ore commerce. We enjoyed PK'ing (player killing), questing (at times), and standard action grinding to see who would be among the very first to strike 99 at a skill.

    You can set up a new account called"magicdong400xXx" because that's the limit of adolescent creativity, grind resources, develop combat abilities adhering to a specialist"pure" PK guide, make money, buy cool-looking gear (black trimmed addy armor anyone?) , then drop it in the jungle. Rinse and repeat, and meant making a new account because we wanted to test out new approaches (that sucked).

    To my surprise, Runescape is still going strong and there is even a mobile version on the way. It's drawing in tens of thousands of players each and every day with servers carrying countless people.So I logged in and picked a server to combine.

    It had been hard to believe I really had to put in a client to perform Runescape. This was unheard of, especially thinking about the fact that we only had Internet Explorer and Firefox in our disposals back from the day to get the game. But boy has this match evolved. It's no longer the adorable Java game with a poor resolution and clunky UI. There is full-screen mode with a few excellent visuals for what is basically a browser match.

    It was really incredibly confusing in the beginning. What did I last do all those years ago? How can I do now?

    Everything is so different. There are currently costumes, which can be essentially cosmetic items which can modify the appearance of your character without swapping out armor. This pulled me off guard, as no longer was I able to glimpse at a player and decide what he had been wearing.

    There's also the inclusion of this Solomon Store, that's the house of micro-transactions in the game. It's possible to spend in-game bonds that are earned through playing the game or use actual cash to purchase items. I am not a fan of this at all, particularly given that this is a paid subscription match for many. (It's free-to- OSRS gold play, but you'll need to fork out to get a subscription to get premium regions of the sport and is completely worth it.)