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    March 15, 2019 4:27 AM EET

    Word on the streets is that Fall 2010 handbag trends will involve military style prints High Quality Burberry Replica Bags , animal motifs, and rich neutral colors.The military style is a unique fashion cue for 2010. I think it will look something along the lines of the picture above. I don’t think camouflage will be popular because that fad has been long gone!The next trend may be animal motifs on handbags like the Kate Spade bag pictured above. I feel this trend may be dull (not anything special). The giraffe and zebra print was popular in 2008, so I don’t think it will be fashionable again.The last trend is the rich neutral colored handbags. I think this will definitely be a hit for Fall 2010. I think that the handbag above from Rebecca Minkoff may resemble what will be popular.Let me know what you guys think about these new handbag trends for Fall 2010. What is ombre? For those of you who never heard of this word before, ombre is a term used to describe a pattern of blending colors. The ombre look was first made popular by Prada. They introduced a patent leather handbag line with the ombre look. The best way to describe the ombre look is to picture a sunset. The sunset starts with the blue sky at the very top and as you look lower, it becomes more orange High Quality Bvlgari Replica Bags , then more red, then more purple, and eventually more dark. This color scheme is the ombre look.Though the ombre look is outdated for handbags, it is now popular for hairstyles in 2012. Many celebrities and fashion gurus are adopting this scheme. See above picture of Lily Aldridge. Lily Aldridge is a professional model known for her works with Victoria’s Secret.